Recently I’ve been invited by Tav Sparks and Diana Medina, Grof Transpersonal Training senior staff, to offer integration consultation sessions regarding integration of NOSC related to MAPS/ CIIS/GTT Holotropic Breathwork. Many people have completed training and are certified by these forward looking programs. Through my own personal experiences, years of study, dreamwork and spiritual practice, being a mother of two adult sons, lengthly education as a certified Jungian Analyst, IAAP, GTT certified, and life-long artist in a number of mediums, I would like to assist in the integration process that is needed after NOSC experiences, research experiences, and GTT Holotropic Breathwork.

Whether you would like to an opportunity to reflect more deeply on your experiences and/or discuss ways to integrate your training and experiences into your daily life and work, I am available.

I have a sliding scale and see this assistance as short term, not formal therapy, but consultation which could help in your integration of these profound experiences.

I am available in person in my home office Amherst area, W MA and my office in Cambridge, MA and via Zoom. Contact me via email with this in the subject line: Att: NOSC/GTT integration