WORking with DREAMs


Between Heaven and Earth: Image copyright 2017 P. Tarasuk

Sharing dreams and experiences in imagination & fantasy can be very important and helpful in one’s life and treatment. Some people feel that they do not dream or cannot remember dreams. I help them by beginning with attending to recurring thoughts, fantasies, and we discuss evocations prompted by films, books, art and ideas about dreaming.

Each individual has his/her own dream landscapes, characters, vocabulary, history, symbols, patterns, fears, and gifts. The deeper roots of our personal dreams exist in the unconscious. Mythological motifs, archetypal figures and situations, symbols, and transformative processes can be found in dreams. We can see these processes at work in our daily lives and in events in the collective consciousness. 

Our dreams reflect our personal daily life, biographic memory, personal conflicts, cultural events, and archetypal material.  I encourage everyone to begin or keep a dream journal. I encourage writing dreams down in the morning. It is a practice.