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From very early childhood, Jung, philosophers, nature, and human behavior were discussed in my home; dreams were valued and there was deep respect for imagination, spirit, creativity, and the natural world. Learning about and through suffering, my own - my family’s, other humans, and animals, has moved my life’s energy toward a purpose in life: compassion in action. I take responsibility for my life and journey toward wholeness. Relationships, including the relationship with my greater Self, the natural world, and making & appreciating arts, nourish me.

Many years of work, education, practice, and life have been a gift. I deeply enjoy sharing my skills in helping people find their uniqueness & gifts, their meaning & understanding of life, and their place in the human circle. We all suffer and, to various extents, we cause suffering. It takes courage and willingness to grow. We have many resources within; through caring, witnessing, and skilled companionship, I’ve accompanied many people in their growth and greater fulfillment of their lives. 

As one of Boston’s C. G. Jung Institute’s first four students in 1979 and one of first two graduates in 1988, I’ve had the unique opportunity to be part of a Jungian Psychoanalytic organization’s birth and maturation over forty years.

We are part of a dynamic and ever expending International Association (IAAP) dedicated to helping people in their maturation, educating, and assisting the individuation process in the journey toward wholeness.